My Netbook is a victim of Autorun.inf virus!

This is me again!!. I come up with a problem and hopefully, found the solution here!

My notebook and pendrive has infected with autorun.inf and I've been searching for the solution for a long time. I already asking almost all of my friends to help me remove this autorun.inf file but it's seem like they don't know the thing.

So, today i spend a bit of my time to find out about this f***ing autorun.inf who ruin my mood every time i turn on my laptop. I'm tired with the virus warning from my Avira antivirus!.

This is the print-screen of my laptop with the Autorun.inf file and virus warning from my antivirus. Autorun.inf file is everywhere and it can't be deleted!

And this is the description about autorun.inf,
Autorun.inf is a file which is used maliciously by hackers who design malware to infect computers. The file can be attached to computer viruses to launch malicious programs that are stored in removable media such as DVDs, USB Devices, CD ROMs and memory sticks. If autorun.inf is in a USB drive, each time you insert the removable media and double-click your drives to open it, the virus files will infect your computer. These viruses spread by making the multiple copies of the autorun.inf and .exe files on every drive on the compromised computer. When your computer is infected, viruses can connect to malicious websites and install keyloggers on your PC. These keyloggers steal information like usernames, account numbers, social security, passwords, credit card information, as well as other sensitive information.

P/s: Wait for the solution soon!, Remove the Autorun.inf file from your computer before it starts wreaking havoc in your life!


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