Here we go again!!!

Hello, Hello, is anyone out there??
So, here we go again.
Finally today,
i took some time to once again log in at this page
and make some sharing to everyone.
Wait!!, everyone??
Hmm, it's seems like, i'm the only person here, forever alone???
hahaha pity me!!, but...
it's okay it's alright, i'm okay i'm alright!!!

So, today is a Valentines Day??
and, at this precious moment,
i really have one thing to say "three words" for someone,
that persons is ...................???

i know i know, white flag okay!!!
Mom!!! i hate "forever alone".
it's look like lol~ing me all the time!,

i know you somewhere out there, babe
i wish i could find you one day!,
and i promise,
at that moment,
if YOU are the right one,
i'll definitely ask
"will you be my valentines??
better be prepare
to say
"Yes, i Do"

P/s: I hope, ya'll can understand my English. I try my best.